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Welcome and thank you for visiting

the Scribe Society!

Who doesn’t love to receive post? Maybe you used to...

Once upon a time the daily arrival post was an anticipated event; but now all too often deliveries contain various leaflets, maybe a bill, a selection of take away food menus, or worse still, nothing at all! 

In a world where life is becoming more reliant on technology, and our time ‘online’ is ever increasing, many of us can be found either clattering at a keyboard or tapping the screen of a smart device. The Scribe Society wants to go back to basics and rekindle the excitement of sending and receiving letters.

At the Scribe Society we are offering members a simple way to make new friends and communicate safely and securely by handwriting and sending letters without having to share any of your personal information.

So have a look around and if you like what you see why become a member of the Scribe Society?

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